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Kin Game

A simple endless runner where you cannot move; the player moves at its own will. Nonetheless, you have telekinetic powers and you can move the world's obstacles to avoid collision with them.

This game is a submission for the GameMaker's Toolkit Jam 2018.


  • Use the keyboard numbers (1-5) to select an obstacle.
  • Move the obstacle with the keyboard keys (left and right).
  • Press Enter to place obstacle.



Music / Sounds:


Game Design:

  • Everybody + Raquel Ortega


KinGame.zip 16 MB


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Hello I'm interested! I've tried to contact you through twitter but have not recieved a response.

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Muy buen juego! Muy ingenioso y requiere que te concentres, te picas al perder las primeras veces. Una vez que le agarras la onda se convierte en un juego muy entretenido

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Muchísimas gracias!